Example commands

1) a title;search adds these blocks horizontally.

2) u s>cf to update block search to be component input field.

3) Updated blocks are pre-selected. Enter to deselect.

4) u title>w4 to update title relative width to 4.

5) u t;s>h1 to update title, search to height 1 row.

6) ab content to add below wireframe the block content. Enter.

7) u .2>h4 to update row 2 to height 4.

8) al home/about to add to left of what was selected, block home and below that, about.

9) u c>rh3rv4 to update content to repeat horizontal to 3 and repeat vertical to 4.

10) d s to delete the search block.

You can also update the source directly (shown in grey block below) and press save changes.

Play around, or check out the help for all the commands.

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This ux source is used to generate the rendering.

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